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        About Us

            Jinyuan Plumbing Co., Ltd. Quanzhou City Fire Department bathroom, sanitary, fire-fighting equipment product manufacturer. Founded in 1988, now has standardized and scientific plant, plant, and a series of advanced production equipment, testing equipment and modern enterprise, the use of ISO9002 international standard quality management system to establish the enterprise.
             The company strictly according to ISO9002 international quality system standard professional manufacturing SN fire hydrant, QZ DC gun, KD, KN, KY Fire interfaces, SS (SA) outdoor fire hydrant, SQS (SQD, SQB, SQX) type fire pump adapter series model fire equipment, product quality, the appearance of luxury.
             Our main products are indoor and outdoor fire hydrant, pump adapter, fire water, interfaces, fire box, fire hose reel, deluge valve, wet alarm valves, sprinklers, water flow indicator and other fire equipment products, resilient seat valve seal, rubber flap check valves, flexible filters, hydraulic control valve, flanged gate valve and seal gate valve, the fire signal and the signal gate valve and other ancillary products, varieties, complete specifications. Products sold throughout the country, exported to Europe, North America, Southeast Asia and other regions and countries.
             Company "create Tsun-class brand, building sanitary valve boutique" approach to quality, with good quality, elegant appearance, deeply domestic and foreign new and old customers.

        Tel:86-595—86311322 Fax:86-595—86319322 Add:No.31 Zhenshan Industrial Zone,Nan'an City,Fujian,China